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Randy Moss To Start Visiting Teams Next Week

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A few weeks ago, Randy Moss announced he was returning to the NFL next season. As Moss was not under contract, he is free to sign with anyone at any time. PFT is now reporting that he will begin visiting teams next week.

A league source tells PFT that Moss will begin visiting with potential suitors next week. He’s due to meet with at least one team. It’s unclear whether the visits will include Moss showing off his supposed 4.3 speed. It’s hard to imagine anyone signing him unless he does.

We've had no indication as to whether the Eagles would be interested this time, but we do know that Andy Reid has long been a fan of Moss. He famously (around here at least) made Moss a big offer when his contract with New England expired. Moss was flattered, but decided to give New England a discount and return there.

But will there be mutual interest this time around? There's already been reports that Moss isn't really looking for big money and would play for an incentive laden deal. At 6-4 Moss would give the Eagles a dangerous red zone threat and while he is 35, this is still a guy that has led the NFL in TD catches five times.