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The Linc - What's Next For Eagles & DeSean?

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Philadelphia Eagles Give DeSean Jackson The Franchise Tag, Eye Long Term Deal - SB Nation Philly
After weeks of speculation we finally have some action. The Eagles placed the franchise tag on receiver DeSean Jackson on Thursday. What should we make of this? Is it a good thing?

The First Rule of Bounty Club is...
This kind of thing had a bizarre charm back when Buddy did it in the late 1980s. Doing it in the NFL right now when player safety is such a focal point…insane.

For Eagles and DeSean, one year makes sense
The franchise tag was widely expected. Now we see if the tag is a temporary patch on a ruptured relationship, or a step toward saving the marriage. The Eagles say they want Jackson long-term. Jackson says he wants to be here.

Gunn: Birds must now turn focus to Mathis
With DeSean Jackson now locked in for next season, Derrick Gunn says the Eagles should shift their focus to re-signing Evan Mathis.

Numbers don't tell whole story for DeSean
How valuable is DeSean Jackson? He has some great stats and some not so great stats, but numbers hardly tell the whole story.