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2012 NFL Draft: QB Kirk Cousins To Visit Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles will reportedly be hosting Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins for a pre-draft visit next week. The 6-2/3 QB has started to get some buzz as he's impressed NFL scouts with his maturity and leadership skills. He's a solid, but not elite prospect, who has an average, but accurate arm. He's very much a developmental type QB.

Here's what our pals at Mocking The Draft had to say.

Cousins is a very intelligent player and understands the pro style system whether it be taking snaps from under center or the shotgun he is equally proficient at both. He was a very productive starting QB in college and performed well against what I call, "the 3 phases of competition". He performed well and usually showed no signs of drop off against below average teams, teams equally as talented, and the top ranked teams loaded with talent. He has good leadership qualities that he has shown multiple times when bringing his team from behind to comeback victories. That is one good sign of a future starting QB in the NFL. He has quick feet and decent athleticism to avoid the pass rush (only sacked 14 times during the 2011-2012 season). Overall, Cousins can make plays with his feet when plays break down and with his arm. If he goes to a team with a good veteran QB and is given the time to develop, he should be a good starting QB in the NFL down the road.

Cousins is not the only QB the Eagles are taking a look at during this process. They'll also reportedly work out Ryan Tannehill at Texas A&M. At this point though, Tannehill is looking like a top 10 pick. Cousins can be had in the mid to late rounds.

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