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The Linc - Reid Doubts A McNabb Return

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Would Reid bring back McNabb?
"I’m surprised by the fact that he didn’t have the success (after) leaving (Philly). I wasn’t there. I’m not sure how that worked," said Andy Reid. "I still felt when he left here that he had 2 or 3 years of great football (left in him). It didn’t work out that way for him. I haven’t entertained that last part of the question. I haven’t gone there. I think it’s tough for a guy that’s been the guy for that long to come back."

Andy Reid talks about his cornerbacks - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
"Asante is obviously on the team," Reid said. "We'll see how things go with the three of them. I said last year and I'll say it again: It's a pretty good situation to have, if you can sit there and say you have those three corners. Asante and Nnamdi are a little bit older, but both of them can still play at a high level. So we'll see how things work out. That's the best I can tell you."

Source: Samuel could be traded to Titans
A league source tells CSN's Derrick Gunn that Samuel could be traded to the Tennessee Titans for a conditional third-round pick some time in the next few days.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Trading Post
Asante and his agent are handling this thing the right way. Let the teams work on the deal. Let them know you are flexible. Asante is still young enough to be a good CB for several more years. He can make another $20M if he plays his cards right, which it sounds like he is doing.

Eagles To Receive President's Award
The Rotary Club of Tulsa will present a President’s Award to the Philadelphia Eagles sports franchise at the Henry P. Iba Citizen Athlete Awards in June. In the 18-year history of the awards program, only two other President’s Awards have been presented — one to former UCLA coach John Wooden in 2004 and one to Olympic medalist speed skater Joey Cheek in 2007. The award was created to honor individuals who promote and advance the qualities of leadership, education and compassion and who inspire others to do the same.