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What Is Asante Samuel's Trade Value?

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It's no secret that the Eagles are trying to trade Asante Samuel, much like they have for the past year. The possible stumbling blocks now are the same as they were then. He's over 30 and making a ton of money. There's the whole inability to tackle thing. More than anything though, his $9.5 million cap number for this season is simply a lot more than most teams are going to be willing to take.

Now, Jeff McLane reports that Asante would not be against restructuring his contract to facilitate a deal, but even that only helps so much. He's not likely to take a pay cut, which means that a team can either push money into the final year of his deal (which is $11.5 million already) or give him an extension and turn some of that into bonus money. Neither are great options as Asante is in those years of an NFL contract that guys usually don't see.

Asante is still is playing at a high level and will no doubt represent an upgrade for almost any team in the league, but he has been getting increasingly injury prone over the last couple seasons (7 games missed).

So what is he worth? We saw the Texans trade a 2X Pro Bowl linebacker who is only 28 and also carrying a big number to the Eagles for just a 4th round pick and a swap of thirds. Asante plays a more premium position and didn't have the major injury that DeMeco Ryans had, but he is older and has a much bigger cap number.

Given that, I'd be surprised if the Eagles got more than a fourth round pick. The Eagles probably gave the total value of a late third for Ryans, so maybe they could get a similar deal for Asante... but if Howie Roseman did better than that, then he might be the best dealmaker in the NFL.