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Giants And Cowboys Meet In 2012 NFL Opener

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The 2012 NFL season will kick off with the Cowboys at the Giants on Wednesday, September 5th at 8:30pm on NBC. It continues the tradition started in 2004 of the Super Bowl champ opening the new season at home.

This will be just the second time since then that division rivals will meet. Typically this game has served as a rematch of a big playoff matchup. Interestingly enough, the only other time division rivals did meet in this situation is when the Giants hosted the Redskins in 2008.

For us Eagles fans... it's one of those "hold your nose" type of games. Typically I never pull for the Cowboys in any way, but on the night when the Giants will get Super Bowl rings and honored as champs... I'd root from pretty much anyone to take them down a notch.