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The Linc - Will There Be A Market For Asante Samuel?

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What's the market for Asante Samuel? | National Football Post
Any NFL team in need of a corner? The Eagles have one they’re looking to unload.

Is it time again for Eagles-Cowboys on Thanksgiving?
Detroit is playing an AFC opponent so Dallas will play an NFC opponent. That means either the Eagles, Redskins, Giants, Buccaneers, Saints or Bears. Dallas' two other home opponents are AFC teams.

NFL draft position preview: centers/guards
As we continue to near the NFL draft, the Eagles could use some depth at their interior offensive lineman positions.

Goodell: Bounty investigation still open - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"We haven't closed the investigation," Goodell said. "We haven't stopped investigating, and if we get new information, we'll act on it. We're not saying everybody's got a free pass here. If we get credible information, we're going to follow up on it."

Replay, injured reserve changes coming to NFL?
INSTANT REPLAY and injured reserve - the NFL's IRs - will be main topics as the owners consider several rules changes at their spring meetings this week.