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Eagles Defensive Ends Score Well In PFF's Pass Rushing Productivity Rankings

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Pro Football Focus has released their pass rushing productivity rankings for edge rushers in the 2011 season and it should come as no surprise that the Eagles starters fared very well. The Eagles led the NFL in sacks with 50 and 29 of them came from the tandem of Jason Babin and Trent Cole.

PFF calculates pass rushing proficiency by adding up the sacks, QB hits and hurries for every pass rush a player attempts. Cole and Babin finished 2nd and 4th respectively. PFF called Cole "the most complete defensive end in the NFL."

In second place overall, Trent Cole isn’t a name you hear in the conversation of best defensive end in football too much, but his consistent production is near unmatched, and he once again put up a stellar PRP campaign by turning his 355 pass rushes into 11 sacks, 12 hits and 44 hurries.

The pass rushers were certainly what was right with the Eagles defense last season. It was a great example of what can happen when you pair talented players with a great coach (Jim Washburn). It's going to be on Juan Castillo, Todd Bowles & Mike Caldwell to fix everything else this coming season.

Thanks to Anders Jensen for the find.