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The Linc - Asante Trade, Vick Turnovers & Tebow's Healing Powers

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Philadelphia Eagles 2012 NFL Mock Draft - SB Nation Philly
In case you missed Tommy Lawlor's 7 round Eagles mock draft from yesterday.

Eagles place Samuel on the trading block - Wire Lifestyle - The Sacramento Bee
Despite a few potential obstacles, the Eagles will try to trade Asante Samuel before April's draft. The cornerback is 31 and due to earn $9.5 million next season, so it's unlikely they'll get anything close to what they would have had last August in a near-complete swap with the Detroit Lions. But don't underestimate the Eagles' negotiating powers. It's one of the front office's strongest traits, although the bartering has had to camouflage systemic failure in the evaluation of draft prospects on defense.

Ray's Replies: Overreacting to Vick's INTs?
Michael Vick doubled his interception total from 2010 to 2011, but are those turnovers forgivable? Ray Didinger weighs in on how detrimental Vick's giveaways are to the Eagles.

LeSean deal could be tricky for both sides
He's been extremely durable, averaging 20 touches a game the last 2 years. And unlike the now-you-see-him-now-you-don't Jackson, he's been consistently productive, averaging 5.0 yards per carry and scoring 24 rushing touchdowns in 2010-11, including a league-best 17 last year. On the minus side, well, he's a running back, which isn't a good thing to be if you're looking for an NFL team to send a Brinks truck to your house and fill your swimming pool with dead presidents.

Dawkins says Tebow "laid hands" on injured neck | ProFootballTalk
From time to time, some of you have joked that Jets quarterback Tim Tebow should try to heal injured players and/or opponents. It's time to stop joking.

Jerry Jones says Cowboys, Redskins fighting cap penalties | National Football Post
Jerry Jones calls joining forces with Daniel Snyder a case of having "strange bedfellows" as the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins prepare to combat the NFL after the clubs were stripped of salary cap space for the next two seasons.