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Andy Reid Responds To LA Times Report

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Earlier we talked about an LA Times Report which said that Andy Reid both wanted Peyton Manning (although the talks never went anywhere) and also threatened to quit the Eagles if he were not given more control over personnel. Reid released a statement this afternoon in response.

On Manning interest

"We look into everything, as all teams do. And I have the highest regard for Peyton Manning. But as I said publicly last month, that wasn't the direction we were heading in. Michael is our guy."

As I said earlier, I don't think that was a stunning revelation anyway as I'm sure most teams had to have some level of interest in Manning. However, as the report admits, the Eagles pursuit, if you can call it that, wasn't even serious.

On the report about his desire for more control?

"As far as the personnel control, I have had final say on personnel matters for quite some time here and that's never been an issue or a point of contention."

"Our front office works very well together and that's one of our strengths."

Reid is correct in that his title gives him final say on personnel matters and has for quite some time. As for whether politics were at play that might have robbed him of some power? That's really impossible to say. Did Andy Reid not want Nnamdi Asomugha or Cullen Jenkins last year? If there's two positions where Andy Reid has shown he's valued in his decade plus here, it's DT and CB. So I doubt he was against those moves.

Vince Young seems like an Andy Reid move more than perhaps anyone else. Danny Watkins? Anyone think he's not a Reid guy?

There's the Kolb trade... We know Andy liked him, but Kolb was pretty clear that he wanted out and publicly said that Reid had given him assurances that he'd do what was best for him (insinuating a trade). So I don't really see that as something done against Andy's wishes.

Juan Castillo? Is there a person alive that wants to argue that wasn't a 100% Reid decision?

There could certainly be something there, but I just don't see the proof. Can anyone think of an un-Andy-like move the Eagles have made in recent years?

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