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The Linc: Winners In DeMeco Ryans Trade? Everyone!

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DeMeco Ryans: Everyone's a winner! |
When it was announced that the Houston Texans had traded DeMeco Ryans for a fourth round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles, some were shocked, some were even angered. Me? I was impressed. Impressed that the Texans were able to turn a cap hit into a draft pick. Impressed that the Eagles were able to acquire a middle linebacker that they needed without paying inflated free agent prices. Impressed that Ryans would now have a role able to fully utilze his skill-set.

Kalu: Ryans and Philly Fans Good Fit
Former Eagles and Houston Texans defensive end N.D. Kalu has a sports radio talk show in Houston now, on KILT. Like many Houstonians, Kalu was surprised by the departure of middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans to the Eagles; unlike most Houstonians, Kalu still pulls passionately for the Birds, so he isn't too grief-stricken.

Eagles get total package in Ryans
Linebacker Brian Cushing, like Ryans a defensive rookie of the year and the Texans team MVP last season, posted on his Twitter account: "I wouldn't be half the player or person I am today without @Dryans59 this one hurts. Philly got a unbelievable player and leader today."

Sizing up the Eagles' LB situation
Andy Reid did not hesitate to say "Yes" yesterday when asked if he thought DeMeco Ryans was a three-down player. He also avoided saying too much about the team's plans at the other linebacker spots. The Eagles currently have nine linebackers on their roster, and that number is likely to grow as free agency continues and the draft takes place in late April.

Gunn: After Ryans trade, will Birds finally deliver?
After trading for linebacker DeMeco Ryans, the Eagles look as solid as any team on paper, but can this nucleus deliver the goods?