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Are The Eagles Finished In Free Agency?

The Eagles came into free agency with two main goals that we all saw and one that we didn't quite know. The secret one was to "take care of their own" and extend key guys. They did that. LeSean McCoy likely has a new deal coming, but that's not really a pressing issue.

We all knew that the DeSean Jackson situation had to be sorted out. It was. He was extended and is happy about it.

The one big hole that we all felt needed to be filled was at linebacker. DeMeco Ryans should fill that in a big way.

So what's left? Well, we could certainly say that there were holes at all three LB spots. So DeMeco alone isn't going to fix that, but his presence certainly will help. The guy in the middle is the quarterback and the most important so the fact that a veteran like him is in to lead that group should raise the play of the young guys around him. That doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement, but the dire need I believe has been filled. I wouldn't expect to see the team looking to fill out the rest of the LB corps in free agency.

There's also safety. Now, I like Nate Allen, I think the team likes him and the way he finished last year should mean that he's entrenched as a starter going into next season. That leaves the other spot. Kurt Coleman got the majority of the snaps there last season and was up and down. Jaiquwan Jarrett was taken in the second round of last years' draft so the team has to have high hopes for him. He didn't do really anything last season, but we all know what a tough spot it was for all the rookies last year. We had rookie players with no offseason learning a new scheme from a rookie defensive coordinator and, in Jarrett's case, a brand new position coach.

This year, he's going to have a chance to reset. He's been in the system for a year, the system itself has been here a year and now Todd Bowles is here. Jarrett is in a much better position to be successful this time around. So I think he's going to get that shot. That said, I can certainly see the team bringing in a veteran, but I wouldn't expect that to happen anytime soon. That could be a post June 1st type signing. That gives the Eagles to takes a look at guys like Jarrett and Coleman this summer.

The only other real need I can think of is at tackle. There's really no depth there at this point. That's something that could be addressed in the draft or even by bringing a guy like King Dunlap back.

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