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Jeff Lurie And Andy Reid Must Promise No Bounty Program Exists In Philadelphia

As if the unprecedented hammer blow dealt by Roger Goodell to the Saints yesterday wasn't enough of a deterrent, the NFL is also asking each owner and head coach to sign affidavits certifying that no bounty programs exist in their organization.

This literally means that Jeff Lurie and Andy Reid must sit down and promise in writing that no such program exists within the Eagles by March 30th.

"Bounty programs have no place in our game," Commissioner Goodell stated. "They are incompatible with our efforts to promote sportsmanship, fair play, and player safety."

Andy Reid certainly doesn't seem like the guy that would ever allow something like that in his organization. Plus, if any such program existed within the Eagles defense last year, I highly doubt it would have paid out any money anyway. Aside from Jason Babin and Trent Cole's Sunday meetings at the Quarterback, there wasn't a whole lot of vicious hitting going on...

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