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DeMeco Ryans Press Conference Live Blog

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via @davezangaro

DeMeco Ryans will meet the local media for the first time today. I'll update this post with his thoughts as they come in.

Andy Reid considers Ryans one of the top 4-3 middle linebackers in the NFL. Says he will bring veteran leadership to the Eagles young LB corps and is like a QB on the defensive side of the ball. Reid says he will be a 3 down LB.

He was surprised when he heard that he was traded, but he was excited that he would be coming to a good team. He's happy to be back in a 4-3, its where he's played since he was in high school. He's a natural middle linebacker and is excited to be back there. He's looking forward to playing behind the defensive line that led the league in sacks last year.

Says he can sense that the fans have been looking for middle linebacker for a long time. He's happy to be that guy because he's a perfect fit. He understands the wide-9 scheme. Plans to hit the playbook hard this offseason and know everything Juan Castillo knows about the defense by the team the season starts.

Said the injury slowed him at the beginning of last year, but at the end of the year he was feeling like his old self again. He is 100% now.

Howie Roseman says that DeMeco played his best football in the playoffs last year. Also, they went back and looked at tape of him playing in a 4-3 when the Texans played the NFC East 2 years ago and were impressed.

Andy Reid was asked who else would be starting at LB along side DeMeco and had no answer. Would only say that he'd meet up with Juan Castillo and discuss it.