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Sean Payton Suspended, Tim Tebow Traded MASS HYSTERIA!

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The NFL is about to own the news for the next day... In the span of a couple minutes news broke that the NFL has handed down discipline in the Saints bounty program case and Tim Tebow was traded.

We'll start with Tebow, who was dealt to the New York Jets for a 4th round pick. It's probably decent value that reflects his true worth and further cements the fact that it was a joke that Josh McDaniels wasted a first round pick on him. But of all teams, the Jets are a pretty shocking destination. Just when they try to show confidence in their young QB with a new contract extension, they completely undermine him by bringing in Tebow. I don't even think the Tebow drones will wait until Sanchez blows a game to start calling for him to take over the Jets QB job.

Onto the Saints... they got the hammer dropped on them. The team has been fined $500,000, they will forfeit their second round picks this year and next, GM Mickey Loomis and assistant head coach coach Joe Vitt have been suspended 8 games and the coup de gras... Head coach Sean Payton has been suspended for the entire year without pay.

Gregg Williams, who was the guy at the center of the scandal has been suspended indefinitely. That means that the St Louis Rams will need to find a new coordinator.

The one guy connected to the Saints that just might make out pretty good from this is our old pal Steve Spagnuolo. When this all broke, we joked that Spags must have been regretting his decision to join New Orleans. But now with Payton and the assistant head coach out of the picture, Spags is clearly the most qualified guy on staff to be head coach. So he may have just backed himself into another head coaching job.

Plus, the Eagles have a real middle linebacker!