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Tim Tebow Makes No Sense For The Eagles

Whenever any wayward QB hits the market, inevitably the Eagles will be connected to him. Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg have done a pretty consistent job of winning with and making look competent nearly any QB they throw out there. So when pundits need to speculate as to a place where a QB needs to learn or find redemption, inevitably the Eagles are one.

So of course they'll be connected to Tim Tebow, but that his case, it really makes no sense. There's only a handful of reasons the team would consider it and all can be strongly refuted.

Tebow sells tickets/jerseys - First, this is a stupid reason to bring a guy in. Winning should be your first priority, not selling tickets. You aim toward winning all the time, that's how you sell tickets. Second, this isn't a problem for the Eagles anyway. They've got a season ticket waiting list years long and are one of the highest revenue teams in the leauge.

As a developmental QB - If you're looking for a guy to develop, why would you pick Tebow? You'd want a guy that has the fundamentals already that you want to teach the nuances of the game. Tebow does not posses the fundamentals needed to be an NFL QB. That's why Denver had to change the entire philosophy of their offense to make it passable with him at QB. The Eagles are built to be a throwing, vertical offense. So if you're going to bring in a developmental QB, why would you pick a guy who is incapable of running your current offense?

This is a point that Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter fails to grasp.

switching to Tebow from Vick if Vick were to sustain an injury - he has missed at least three games because of injury in each of his three seasons in Philadelphia - would not require a major adjustment to play-calling or blocking schemes. Again, it makes so much sense that it will never happen.

Has he watched either of these two QBs play last year? Switching from Vick to Tebow would mean a complete and total adjustment in playcalling. Even pre-Reid Vick was a far more accomplished and polished passer than Tebow. Rarely will you see Andy call a run for Vick, rather his runs usually come as a result of avoiding pressure. Tebow ran by design in Denver. The Eagles offense is designed for Vick to throw 30 times a game, Tebow was typically throwing less than 10 times in Denver. Michael Vick completes 60% of his passes, Tebow is more about 40%. It would seem pretty stupid to me to assume that it would not require a major adjustment in playcalling if you went from one QB to another.

As a "wildcat QB" - Michael Vick is a far more dangerous runner than Time Tebow, so if any QB on your team is going to run the ball it would be Vick. Tebow is a big downgrade. Plus, LeSean McCoy is a far better runner than he is. So any carry Tebow would get, would come at the expense of a better option getting the ball.

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