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Dear Ed Rendell: DeSean Jackson And TO Really Aren't That Much Alike

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Former mayor/governor Ed Rendell wrote a piece for Sportsweekly in which he detailed the similarities between DeSean Jackson's situation and Terrell Owens. Problem is, I don't buy pretty much any of the comparisons he draws. Lets go point by point.

most of all, both were (are) big pains in the ass.

Did I miss something or did DeSean Jackson recently do situps in his driveway? Did he blame teammates for losing in the playoffs? Did he show to camp in military fatigues and refuse to acknowledge anyone? Did he get into a fistfight with Hugh Douglas? Has he actually said or done anything negative? Yes, his play did slip last year and yes he was late to that meeting that got him suspended. Now, that's not defensible... but it's simply not true to act like he's done anything to the level of TO.

T.O. ruined our 2005 season by pouting over a contract dispute, and DeSean torpedoed last season by doing the same.

This could be the most ridiculous thing in the article. First, would anyone other than Rendell say that DeSean Jackson is what "torpedoed" the Eagles season last year? The defense, Michael Vick's injury, the poor fourth quarters... But it was Jackson who "torpedoed" the season? He played a part for sure, but placing all the blame on him is silly. Rendell would later refer to Jackson's conduct last season as "unconscionable." Seriously?

And just to refresh the Gov's memory about what happened in 2005. Both Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook were lost with season ending injuries. A happy TO wouldn't have made Mike McMahon into anything more than he was.

The other major difference, which Rendell at least acknowledged is that the contracts situations are nothing alike. Jackson was in the last year of a rookie deal that was paying him less than the long snapper. Now he's out of contract. Owens was in the first of a 7 year, $49 million deal.

Our front office is a good one, but it needs to show more flexibility than it did during the T.O. debacle if we are going to have a parade in the foreseeable future.

What does flexibility have to do with DeSean's situation? The Eagles aren't telling him to live up to a contract or anything here. He doesn't have one. They have to do a new deal with DeSean. They've got no choice. That was not the case with Owens.

What Rendell really means, and what he more or less said in the article, was that they should just give Jackson what he wants, just like they should have given TO what he wanted. Now, maybe he's right, but it is a little more complicated than that.

We can't make that mistake again! We should reach an agreement with DeSean and keep our high-voltage offense intact. He and Michael Vick have a special bond, and when DeSean is on the field, he makes Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant and Brent Celek far more effective. While free agents such as Vincent Jackson are good, they are simply not as explosive as DeSean.

I'll make the same point to Ed as I have a lot of people in the comments. The question isn't whether they should reach a deal with DeSean. It's how much that agreement should be for.