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Evan Mathis Explains Why He Chose Eagles And What's So Great About Howard Mudd

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Evan Mathis met the media this afternoon to discuss his new 5 year deal and decision to spurn the Ravens and stay with the Eagles long term. He says the family atmosphere in Philly and the fact that they gave him a chance to prove himself as a starter played a major part in his decision.

"I knew exactly what I had here," Mathis said. "I knew the family atmosphere, the talent on the team, the talent on the coaching staff and the front office, and the direction the organization was headed. I knew exactly what was here. I know the history of the Ravens and that they're a good team, but being on the inside here and being able to resurrect my career here really put it over the top for me."

Mathis said that the ability to play under Howard Mudd also played a part in his decision to come here last year and to return long term.

"For this year, it was a huge factor. Coming into camp, with all of the strides that I made last year, I believe I signed on July 31st and was held out of camp a few days because the CBA wasn't finalized yet. I had a late start, and I still made so much progress over the course of the year and I think I had a pretty decent year. There is still so much room for improvement. I know that I can do that and we as an offensive line can do that under Howard Mudd."

And what is it about Mudd's scheme that is so much different than other teams he's played with?

"Howard's scheme requires more athleticism than those schemes. You say power and zone schemes, but most teams run a variety of everything. I think Howard's stuff utilizes more of everyone in order to get the job done. It's not like we're blocking anybody different, we're blocking the same people. No matter what scheme you're in, you still have to block Justin Smith one-on-one. It's how you do it as far as getting on them quickly, keeping them sideways, pushing them back. There are many ways to do, but Howard seems to have the techniques that work."