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Drew Rosenhaus And The Eagles Work Well Together Now

Drew Rosenhaus has been a hated man in Philadelphia ever since the above incident. Any player he represents we assume won't be here and when signs a client currently on the team we assume he'll hold or eventually be gone.

But the reality is, that's not really the case. Aside from the TO incident, which was seven years ago, the Eagles have actually a very productive relationship with Rosenhaus. Recently, they've been downright chummy with him, with two of his clients getting deals with the Eagles with another one or two potentially on the way.

DeSean Jackson signed a very reasonable five year deal with the team and nary a peep from Rosenhaus was heard about it. Jackson briefly held out last season and certainly sulked over his lack of a new deal, but there never was an indication that Drew was "behind" that. Bottom line is that he and the Eagles got a deal done this year and it was actually drama free.

- Evan Mathis actually hit the open market and ended up coming back on what was widely seen as a pretty fair deal for both sides.

- He also reps LeSean McCoy, who the Eagles are reportedly in discussions with on a new, long term deal. If that gets done at some point this offseason, he'll be the third Rosenhaus client to get a new deal from the Eagles this year.

- He also reps Sinorice Moss, who is currently on the roster (At least for now). He's Plaxico Burress' agent and we know he's been practically begging to become an Eagle. Stephen Tulloch is also his client...

Drew Rosenhaus' personality will probably always be what it is, but the fact is that there's really no reason to be scared of him or dread any Eagles becoming his clients. I think he and the Eagles probably learned from the TO incident, which is why nothing like that has ever happened since.

There's only 32 teams and only so many agents that rep major players. Fact is that these two sides have no choice but to work with one another and the evidence is that they are happy to do so. In fact, they seem to work together quite well.

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