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Plaxico Burress "In Contact" With Eagles

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It's interesting to see the different ways that rumors are characterized when they're passed to reporters (by agents). Whether a guy is "drawing interest" from a team or "in discussions" with them... Presumably they're all meant to imply different levels of interest. I always thought "drawing interest" was the weakest connection, but that was until I saw this report.

Free-agent WR Plaxico Burress remains in contact with several teams, including the Eagles, according to a league source.

So let's not mix words there, the "league source" is all but assured to be his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. But what it means that a player "remains in contact" with a team... I'm at a loss there. We certainly know there's interest from Burress as earlier this offseason he said "nothing else would make me happier" than playing in Philadelphia. However, we've never really gotten an indication as to whether the feeling is at all mutual. If Burress is to be believed, the Eagles did have some interest last year.

"Yeah, there was a lot of interest there, pretty much up to the last day that I signed with the Jets. There was a lot of conversation there. Obviously Coach Reid is a great coach, a players' coach and one of the best minds in all of football. I talked to them a few times, they were interested in me and things didn't work out. But the season's over, it's a fresh start, and I understand maybe there will be a No. 17 lined up for me next year. We'll see."

Whether anything happens remains to be seen, but as long as Plaxico remains out there, expect to see him connected to the Eagles in one way or the other.