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The Linc - Mathis Signing Provides Stability

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Linebackers Lofton, Tulloch likely to cost too much for Eagles
The Eagles, according to many, have to significantly upgrade at linebacker. They have done nothing so far to address that situation.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Stability is a Good Thing
The most underrated factor in good O-lines is stability and continuity. The Houston Texans have probably had the best OL in football the last 2 years. Any great players on their OL? No. They function well as a unit. Don’t judge them as 5 individual parts, but rather as one group.

New contract a win-win for Eagles, Mathis
After struggling to catch on with three other teams, Evan Mathis finally found the perfect scheme to best utilize his unique talents. Not only was he smart to re-sign with the Eagles, but the team was smart to keep him.

What has been your favorite move since free agency started? |
The Eagles re-signing Evan Mathis to a pretty reasonable deal. Mathis was the best guard in football last season and with that little mileage on the clock he’s the perfect guy to get locked down. Given the contracts handed out to Grubbs and Nicks it’s a bargain.

The Cowboys are paying Kyle Orton WHAT?!? (And other stuff) – Blogging the bEast
The Cowboys will pay Kyle Orton nearly $6 million to be their backup next year.