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The Linc - Praise For Evan Mathis Deal

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Free Agency 2012: The Deal Grader! |
Evan Mathis to PHI: We’ve championed Mathis since his breakout season in 2009, but it took a stint in Philadelphia where he really got to show the league how good a player he is. Our top ranked guard in 2011 will earn $4m less than Carl Nicks, and $2m less than Ben Grubbs per year. Great work by the Eagles.

Paul Domowitch: Eagles bet against salary cap
A good many teams in the NFL are of the opinion that the league's salary cap, which barely budged this season, is going to jump dramatically over the next few years. The Eagles, who are as good as anybody at forecasting and managing the cap, don't share that opinion.

Jackson to McCoy: Learn from my mistakes
While DeSean Jackson got the long-term deal he wanted, the road was a bumpy one, so his advice to LeSean McCoy is to learn from his mistakes.

Eagles were wise to re-sign Evan Mathis - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
The Eagles were wise to pay whatever it took to retain Mathis. Say what you will about their disappointing 2011 season and their decision to bring back more or less the same group to try to redeem themselves in 2012, but the offensive line was an unquestioned strength — one of the very best in the entire league. Mathis, who signed last summer as an insurance or backup plan but won a starting job in training camp, was a huge part of the reason why.

Robert Griffin III should get as far away from Washington Redskins as possible - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Robert Griffin III is on tap to get drafted by the Washington Redskins. But Jen Floyd Engel says he should get out of that. Pronto. Robert Griffin III should get as far away from Washington Redskins as possible