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Eagles Sign Evan Mathis To 5 Year, $25 Million Deal

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The Eagles have made their first free agent signing of sorts. Evan Mathis, who spent last year with the team has inked a 5 year, $25 million deal which includes $7 million guaranteed. It was always assumed that Mathis would be back, but in recent days doubt crept in as he visited Baltimore and was made what he termed a "nice offer."

However, it appears that the Eagles beat or at least were competitive with the Ravens' offer, so Mathis will return to the Eagles and Howard Mudd, under whom he had the best season of his career. With Mathis signed, the Eagles will return the same starting 5 up front that performed so well over the last half of last season.

And for all the Eagles fans offering him one thing or another on twitter to come back to Philly... time to pay up.

It's a good deal for Mathis, who had never made anything close to this kind of money and played last year under the veterans minimum. It's not terribly common for the Eagles to give a 31 year old a 5 year deal, but Mathis hasn't played a ton prior to last year and presumably still has a lot of tread left on the tires. Plus, Mathis knows how to keep himself in shape.