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The Linc - Mathis Mania, Praise for DeSean Deal

Free Agency Day 2: Catch Me If You Can - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
If you want an example of how a good organization manages risk and procures talent, look at the Eagles and what they did over the past 12 months with DeSean Jackson.

Source: Eagles will top Ravens' offer to Mathis
Evan Mathis left Balitimore with a contract offer but a league source says the Eagles will not only match the Ravens' offer, they'll top it.

What are the Eagles doing at LB?
The Eagles need a linebacker -- probably two. You know it. They know it. But how will they go about addressing the need?

Report: Michael Vick paid off his largest creditor | National Football Post
Michael Vick did the time for his crime and now he’s paying off those he owes money.

Mathis Mania & Some LB Talk
Multiple sources say the Eagles have made Mathis an offer. There is no question that the team wants to keep him. It comes down to value. The Eagles aren’t trying to be cheap. Mathis just isn’t the kind of player you can over-spend on. You’ve got to be choosy about when to do that.

NFL Notes: Kolb gets bonus, stays with Cards
The Arizona Cardinals are out of the running for Peyton Manning. The team announced Friday that it would keep Kevin Kolb, paying him his $7 million roster bonus.

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