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One Last Post About How Bad Vontaze Burfict Is

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I have to confess... I've let my extreme bias against the great Vontaze Burfict slip in recent days. I've been a little preoccupied with free agency and what not and I just haven't had a chance to keep hatin' on Vontaze, which you all know I live to do.

Burfict had a disastrous combine where he not only tanked the interviews, but turned in one of the worst workouts of the weekend. However, he had a chance to redeem himself at his pro day this week. Suffice to say... he didn't.

According to draft analyst Tony Pauline, Burfict was "not good in position drills" at the Sun Devils’ Friday workout, and Pauline acknowledged that he’s "watering that down." One scout told Pauline he "actually felt bad for [Burfict]."

At this point, a team feeling bad for Burfict may be the only way he gets drafted at all. Word is that his pointing ability, is still top notch though.