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The Linc - A New DeSean

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Mac's Football Blog: Inside Trent Cole's Four-Year Extension
A full breakdown of Trent Cole's new deal.

Marcus Hayes: With DeSean, Eagles have youth ready to win now
The Birds locked up Trent Cole, DeSean Jackson, and Todd Herremans. Their next move may be to extend LeSean McCoy. Like it or not, this baby is built for the long haul.

Eagles win in free agency by rewarding their own
Last year, the Eagles made a splash in free agency with big acquisitions, and the team fell on its face. This year, they're staying in house -- and it's the right move.

Redskins, Cowboys have little recourse - NFC East Blog - ESPN
There's virtually nothing the Redskins and Cowboys can to overturn the NFL's decision to take away their cap space.

With new deal, Jackson promises new DeSean
With his new, rich contract in place, DeSean Jackson, often maligned by his supposed immaturity, promised he's a new man ... and so much more.

Jeremy Shockey, Amani Toomer In Twitter Spat - Around the Empire - SB Nation New York
A Twitter war has broken out between former New York Giants teammates Jeremy Shockey and Amani Toomer.