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Media Attempts To Create Dream Team 2

Last year, Vince Young was taken completely out of context with the now infamous "Dream Tream" quote and the national media used it as a source of mockery. Now, they're attempting to do the same with DeSean Jackson.

Here's what he actually said.

I just feel that my destiny with the Eagles is very bright and I'm still happy that I have five bright years to look for. In one of those years, I'm going to guarantee a Super Bowl because we've been close the past four years that I've been here. Last year, with it being a tough year, just the way we caught on fire towards the end of the year, I see this team as the sky being the limit.

So of course, people like PFT just slice out "I'm going to guarantee a Super Bowl" and pretend like he was talking about this year. Instead of recognizing the fairly benign, positive sentiment here, they'll try to turn into an arrogant boast. They'll pretend like he was guaranteeing the Eagles would win this year... They'll pretend like it's dream team 2.

We're not standing for it again. I'd start by letting @RobertKlemko of the USA Today to not use half of Jackson's quote (the half that puts it out of context) in the story he wrote on USA Today.

While you're at it, let @realfreemanCBS and @michaeldavsmith (who just copy and pasted from USA today) and @profootballtalk. Give them this link with the real quote and see if they bother to use it.

[Note by JasonB, 03/15/12 7:41 PM EDT ] Mild success!

[Note by JasonB, 03/15/12 8:47 PM EDT ] Further success. USA Today has updated their article to reflect the full Jackson quote.

[Note by JasonB, 03/15/12 8:58 PM EDT ] And now PFT has updated the story to reflect the full quote and has pointed their link back to the full press conference on the Eagles website.

[Note by JasonB, 03/15/12 9:16 PM EDT ] Mike Florio posted a new Eagles item on PFT and got the quote right as well.

And it made a ton of sense until Jackson guaranteed a Super Bowl win at some point in the next five years. At least he didn’t guarantee that it will happen in 2012. More importantly, he didn’t call the Eagles a “Dream Team.”

As long as people get it right, I have no problem with them saying whatever they like about it. "The Eagles think they'll win a Super Bowl within 5 years" doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "dream team" does it?

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