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Juqua Parker Signs 1 Year Deal With Browns

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After 7 seasons a Philadelphia Eagle, Juqua Parker has left to join the midwest Eagles, otherwise known as the Cleveland Browns. It's a 1 year deal that could be worth up to $3 million.

Juqua Parker has been an Eagle longer than he's been Juqua Parker. When he first came to the Eagles from the Titans in 2005, he was known as Juqua Thomas. It wasn't until three years later that he changed his last name to Parker to honor his father who had passed away.

Parker spent 7 pretty consistent season in Philadelphia, starting for a 4.5 of them. He racked up 32 sacks in his time here and was always an unheralded, yet solid part of several really good Jim Johnson defenses.Even last year, which was his least productive in recent memory, he actually scored two defensive TDs. The first came in week one after a Sam Bradford fumble and the second came in week 15 after Kurt Coleman stripped Santonio Holmes.

The soon to be 34 year old didn't really have a place left on this current Eagles team, but I think he's left us all with a favorable view of his time in Philly (jumping offsides against the Bills notwithstanding). He's been a very good "servant of the club" for a long time now and we certainly wish him luck.

He'll join ex Eagles Sheldon Brown, Chris Gocong, Dimitri Patterson, Jordan Norwood, Alex Smith, Pat Shurmur & Tom Heckert in Cleveland.