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DeSean Jackson Press Conference Live Blog

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DeSean Jackson met the media today to talk about his new 5 year contract and future with the Eagles. I'm going to basically live blog his presser, so refresh this story for updates.

He steps out in a suit, which honestly I don't know that I've ever seen.

Thanks Jeff Lurie and Andy Reid. Says Reid is like a father figure to him. Says he talked to Jeff Lurie face to face about the two sides getting a contract done in December and he was very appreciative of that.

"Me being young, I might have been immature and done some immature things." But heading into my 5th year, "its all changed."

"To the city of Philadelphia, I couldn't see playing anywhere else. This is home to me."

I want to shoot for the hall of fame, I want to shoot for Super Bowls. I'm a Pro Bowl WR, but I'm not satisfied with that.

When everyone said it was impossible for me to get a long term deal with the Eagles and I'll only get a one year deal to prove himself... Andy Reid and Howie Roseman believed in me. I gave them my word about what I can do and I'm accountable for it.

"I still have five years to look forward to and one of these years I'm going to guarantee a Super Bowl. We've been so close."

On being a punt returner again: "Anything the coaches ask me to do, I'm going to fulfill those needs. So of course I'm going to do that."

Andy Reid is a firm believer in if you come in here and work hard and help this team win, I don't care what people said or say about you. As a player I respect that.

On whether he could have made more as a free agent: "Regardless of how much more money I could have made somewhere else, I'm comfortable. I'm not greedy. I could have waited it out and played through a franchise or I could just be set right now. It's been a long time for me working hard to be set for my life and take care of my family. It's a blessing. I can take care of my family and not worry about certain things in the season. Now I can just focus on playing football."

On what he's learned from this whole process: "I've learned to be patient in life and not rush things."

On whether he'll want another deal in a few years: "I'm happy with my deal. I wouldn't have signed it if I wasn't happy. I feel like I got my worth."