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Eagles Sign OL Mike Gibson From Seahawks

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The Eagles are taking this "take care of your own" thing to a new level. According to Pro Football Weekly, they've sign OL Mike Gibson, a guy they drafted in 2008, to a 2 year deal.

Gibson was signed off the Eagles practice squad in 2009 by the Seattle Seahawks and started 8 games there in 2010. He did not start any last season. He played RG in Seattle, but did a lot of work at center when he still here. With the release of Jamaal Jackson and the trade of Winston Justice, the Eagles certainly could use some depth on the line. Gibson could potentially provide depth at both guard and center. He's an athletic interior guard, which means he should fit well in Howard Mudd's system.

Of course, I'm just assuming he's here to be a backup. Until something happens with Evan Mathis, the LG spot is currently wide open. That said, the deal was for the veteran minimum, so it is pretty obvious he's here for depth.

[Note by JasonB, 03/14/12 7:04 PM EDT ] Spadaro confirms. Gibson is here to challenge for a roster spot, not replace Mathis.