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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sign Carl Nicks, What Does It Mean For Mathis

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Carl Nicks has agreed to a monster 5-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers worth $47.5 million, with $31 million guaranteed. The Bucs are handing out cash like no other team this offseason, mostly because they have to spend upwards of $40 mil just to reach the salary floor for 2012.

Nicks was the clear top OG on the market. At 26, a two time All Pro, Nicks is widely seen as the best OG in football. PFF had him rated as such for 2011. His contract now reflects that.

What does this mean for Evan Mathis? At 31 and coming off just his first full year starting, Mathis isn't going to see Nicks money. However, he is coming off a legit pro bowl level season and for his age, doesn't really have a lot of miles on him. He should get a good offer, but I'm not really sure if this Nicks contract sets any type of market. Nicks is in another stratosphere in terms of value.

What this move likely does is take the Bucs out of the running for his services. Along with the Colts, the Bucs were one of the teams reportedly interested in Mathis, so without their millions of cap room, the market for Mathis just got a little easier to deal with.