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Dear Eagles Fans, Leave Poor Dan Graziano Alone

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Dan Graziano writes the NFC East blog for ESPN is the self professed "Worldwide leader" in sports and therefore as an employee of ESPN, fans (especially those on twitter) feel like Dan must know everything. And even if he doesn't, well then he's a perfectly acceptable place to vent their frustration.

Yesterday, as free agency got underway at 4pm, fans of all NFC East teams started deluging Dan with queries on twitter about what their team is up to and offering their thoughts on the signings that did happen. And Dan was nice enough to indulge. For hours he responded to one crazy tweet after the other. And Eagles fans... you did not disappoint. Here were my favorite breathless tweets to Graziano panicked about the lack of Eagles news mere hours into free agency.

This one came at 9:36 pm, nearly 6 hours into the offseason. Remember, 6 hours in the whole offseason have gone bye at this point.

I double checked this. It's true. Players are allowed to be signed today. Tomorrow and the next day even!

OMG why don't the Eagles want a LB?!

You see Dan, it's not that someone said they're not. It's that no one has said they are. Incarcerated Bob isn't even talking!

This guy said later that he was being sarcastic, but it was still pretty hilarious to see a few hours after the offseason began.

The best part was. One fan didn't get either the sarcasm of the initial tweet or the response! He replied to Graziano saying this...


Tell em Carmichael! This kid is someone who stands on principle and isn't going to take crap... oh wait.


Come on Jason! You can't empty threat Graziano! If you're going to say "that earned u an unfollow," then you gotta unfollow. Hit Graziano were it hurts. Make it so he only has 45,092 follows, like some kind of loser!

Seriously though everyone, give Graziano a break.