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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Evan Mathis, Dan Connor Drawing Interest Elsewhere

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According to Pro Football Talk, two potential Eagles targets are drawing interest in places not named Philadelphia. We'll start with Evan Mathis who they say is "drawing early interest" from the Buccaneers and Colts. No word of visits or anything, likely just his agent putting the word out.

We assume that the Eagles are also interested in bringing back Mathis, who played well for them last year. But so far, no word.

The other guy is Dan Connor, who we've only heard rumor that the Eagles could have interest. He's a two down type middle linebacker who could help int he run game, but PFT says he will be making a visit to Dallas. Apparently the Cowboys really like oft-injured ex Penn State LBs.

It's interesting to hear Connor making a visit because it's virtually the only news about any of the free agent LBs out there. Connor is lower on the list and has a visit scheduled, while news on superior guys like Stephen Tulloch, London Fletcher, David Hawthorne or Erin Henderson is relatively quiet.

Curtis Lofton was rumored to be nearing a deal with the Bucs right as free agency broke, but that talk has apparently cooled. Given how much cap space they've got, expect every agent in the world to be leaking to the likes of PFT that the Bucs are interested in their client.