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Eagles Rumored To Be Chasing Carl Nicks Or Not

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[Note by JasonB, 03/13/12 5:00 PM EDT ] National guy La Canfora says yes, Local reporters say that this is untrue.

Prior to free agency, all the reports were that the Eagles would not be players for the very top of the free agent market. However, Jason La Canfora is reporting that they are pushing to get a visit from Saints LG Carl Nicks, one of the top 3-5 free agents available.

Nicks is widely seen as the best OG in the NFL and has been named an All Pro in each of the last two seasons. If the Eagles locked up a deal with him, they'd easily have the best left side in the NFL, if not the best offensive line period.

It would be a major move for major money. He has already said that he plans on being the highest paid Guard in the NFL. It would also likely mean the end of Evan Mathis in Philly... Then again, if they signed Carl Nicks, so what?

They've got some major competition however, as it is also being reported that Tampa Bay, who has over $40 million in caps space, is also after Nicks.