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Michael Vick Continues To Make Progress On His Road To Redemption

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Michael Vick has come a long way, both on the field and off, since his dog -fighting scandal in 2007. Now, after paying his debt to society, he's about to complete payment of another debt, this time to his creditors. After racking up an estimated $20 million in debt and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August of 2008, Vick has spent a good portion of his NFL salary on fixing his financial situation.

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Vick has so far managed to reduce his massive outstanding debt to a mere $400,000. Obviously, this is a huge step on Vick's road to redemption, since his lucrative contract with the Eagles is estimated to give him $12.5 million in 2012 - a sum that could easily take care of his remaining debt.

In a league where so many players are running into financial troubles due to irresponsible spending (I'm looking at you, Dez Bryant and Keith Brooking) it's nice to see that at least one guy is taking the time to right his wrongs.