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The Linc - Free Agency Begins Today At 4pm

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Cap-less crackdown | National Football Post
The NFL’s stripping of Cap room from the Redskins and Cowboys – and, to a much lesser extent, the Saints and Raiders – is a striking punishment for actions that seemed innocent enough when they occurred during the 2010 uncapped season.

Vick is still biggest key to Eagles' 2012 season
While you keep hearing about the potential moves the Eagles can make this off-season, the key to the 2012 season is still at quarterback.

Eagles Like LaRon?
Would the Eagles want him as a SS? Maybe. You can’t help but be fascinated by a guy with his size, speed, and toughness. I just don’t see the move as likely at all. The Eagles invested a 2nd round pick in Jaiquawn Jarrett. They still think he can be a good SS.

PFF All Free Agent Team |
There’s so much talent available in free agency you could literally build a starting caliber NFL team from scratch.

Real Madrid Soccer Will Return To Philly In 2012 - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
The Philadelphia Eagles and Union have joined up once again to bring Spanish giants Real Madrid to Lincoln Financial Field in 2012.

Don't expect an Eagles bomb shell in free agency
the Eagles' offseason efforts, for the most part, will be concentrated on retaining their own free agents, working on new deals for DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy, and preparing for April's draft