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Redskins/Cowboys salary cap fiasco photoshop contest!

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Thank you Lord, for these two men.
Thank you Lord, for these two men.

That's "PHOTOSHOP" contest, not "caption." Ever since the success of the Osi Umenyiora photoshop contest of a year ago, I've been waiting for an appropriate time to do a new one. Well, this whole salary cap fiasco has pretty much everything... Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, Roger Goodell, angry Cowboys and Skins fans, the fact that the Eagles actually benefit by picking up an extra million or two in cap space. It's pretty much limitless with what you can do with this.

So... get to work, and I'll give the winner $20 out of my own pocket (Hey, it's lunch... a really good lunch).

Email your submissions to bgn.jimmyk at gmail, or tweet them to me at @Jimmy_Beast, whatever is easier. Oh and follow me on twitter, if you're not already (shameless plug).