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The Linc - It's Free Agency Eve!

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Free Agency 2012: Bargain Hunting |
Derek Landri, DT - It was back in the summer of 2011 that Sam Monson and I had one of our random chats about Landri, declaring him to have as good a first step as any DT in the league. Hyperbole perhaps, but watch his finish to the year with the Eagles and you see a guy who is a nightmare for guards and centers with his ability to get up the field. Best suited to a heavy rotational role (he wore down after a positive start with the consistently high snap count in Carolina), Landri finished 2011 our fourth-ranked defensive tackle on the year with positive grades in both run defense and pass rushing.

NFL Draft: Who plays fast on tape? | National Football Post
At this time of year, everyone is talking about how fast draft prospects are based on 40-yard dash times. Three months ago, everyone was talking about how fast draft prospects were based on game tape. And there is a difference. With that in mind, I asked front office men to recount who were the fastest draft prospects they saw on tape.

Randy Moss to work out for San Francisco 49ers 031112 - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
After a stellar workout for the New Orleans Saints last week, Randy Moss will attempt to convince the San Francisco 49ers that he can still deliver in the NFL after a year out of pro football.

Manning is not the only free-agency story
After Manning, defensive end Mario Williams, wide receiver Vincent Jackson, guard Carl Nicks, and quarterback Matt Flynn are the biggest names available, each playing a position that can help fuel or stop the NFL's pass-first offenses.

Terrell Owens gets owned in Arena Football - YouTube
The New Mexico Stars Defense welcomes Terrell Owens to New Mexico