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The Linc - Maybe Jarrad Page Will Be Good At Baseball

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Didinger: Did 'Skins give up too much for RGIII?
The Redskins won Super Bowls with Mark Rypien and Doug Williams, but they haven’t had what you would consider a real franchise quarterback since Joe Theismann and that’s almost 30 years ago. They’ve never had one since Snyder owned the team, so it was clear they wanted to address that position in a big way this year. When Peyton Manning said no thanks, RGIII became the guy.

Any interest in MLB Gary Brackett? | Iggles Blitz
Sure, if it is 2007. Unfortunately Brackett is getting older and isn’t the same player. He missed most of 2011 and 4 games in 2010. There are much better options in FA and the draft.

Is Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon now a top 5 pick? | National Football Post
His fast forty time has his stock surging.

LA Dodgers sign former Eagles safety Page
The LA Dodgers have signed former Eagles safety Jarrad Page to a minor league contract as an outfielder.

Cosell Talks: The Michael Vick Project : NFL Films Blog
The next step for Vick, and it’s the decisive one if he is to become a high level NFL quarterback, is to master the pre snap phase of the position. That’s what often separates good from great in today’s NFL, and why this off-season is so important. Many overlook that Vick has not had an off-season as an unquestioned starter since the 2006 season, his last in Atlanta