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Cullen Jenkins On Redskins Trade: "They Gave Up A Lot"

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CSNPhilly caught up with Eagles DT Cullen Jenkins yesterday and asked his thoughts on the Redskins trade for Robert Griffin III (we all assume that is).

His thoughts were, well... the same as the rest of us.

"Obviously you gotta be pretty interested in RG3 at that spot," said Jenkins, who was at the Eagles Women's Academy this weekend. "You know it just reminds me alot of what Chicago did with the Jay Cutler thing where you give up a whole lot to get somebody... So more power to em. Personally I think they gave up a lot to get em. It's always tough anytime you take a chance on a kid who shows all the ability but it is still unproven in the NFL."

Obviously Jenkins is being pretty diplomatic here. He may or may not want to get in a little dig at the Skins, but he's certainly not going to disparage a kid that's not even in the league yet. However, his point is well taken that there's comparisons to be made between the Bears and Redskins.

Just in Dan Snyder's era both teams have spent 2 first round picks on QBs (Patrick Ramsey, Jason Campbell for WAS. Cade McNoun, Rex Grossman for CHI). The Redskins spent money and picks to get Donovan McNabb. The Bears actually signed and started Kordell Stewart thinking he was the solution. They've tried and failed to fix their QB issue time and time again and iironically Rex Grossman was just about the last straw in each case. So it's hard to blame those teams for spending wildly when they think they've got a sure thing in front of them.