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Poll: Should The NFL Just Cancel The Pro Bowl?

The Pro Bowl has long been a joke, but in recent years it has sunk to a whole new level. Not only are more guys choosing to skip it altogether, but the effort by those that do show up is comical. If you watched this year's game you would have seen lineman just standing there, defensive backs jogging and generally very few guys even trying.

Fans even started to boo at the complete and total lack of effort. This led Roger Goodell to say that the game just can't continue the way it is.

"We're either going to have to improve the quality of what we're doing in the Pro Bowl or consider other changes or even considering eliminating the game if that's the kind of quality game we're going to provide."

I really don't see how there is a way to improve the quality. You really can't make guys care. And let's be honest, no one cares about the Pro Bowl. They care who makes the Pro Bowl... but not the actual game.

So if they did kill the Pro Bowl, I really wouldn't care. But, I think we would all still like to see there be a way to recognize players. That said, you can't really call it the Pro Bowl at that point though? Can guys get named to a game that doesn't exist?

Let's hear your solutions in the comments.

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