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The Linc - LeSean McCoy Watches Sixers Beat Lakers

SIXERS VIDEO: 1-on-1 with LeSean McCoy - 2/6/2012
LeSean McCoy took in last night's Sixers vs Lakers game.

Broncos’ Knowshon Moreno arrested for DUI | ProFootballTalk
This is the guy everyone wanted instead of LeSean McCoy in the 2009 draft...

What Giants win DOESN'T mean for Birds
I dunno what the Eagles will take out of the Giants winning the Super Bowl, despite having lost to Vince Young in November. If the lesson is that drafting guys who are really physically dominant, like Jason Pierre-Paul and Hakeem Nicks, is maybe more important than drafting guys who are captains and good citizens, that might be an OK thing. If the lesson is that "hey, that could have been us, the Giants were 7-7 at one point," well, that would not be a good thing.

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Eagles Select Luke Kuechly of Boston College - SB Nation Philly
Hey here's a shocker!

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