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Super Bowl Recipes: The Chicken Wing Cupcake Is Real, And It's Fantastic

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Click this link to provide an appropriate soundtrack to read this post by.

There is nothing about the game today that I am looking forward to. I despise both of these teams, I don't really want to see them play, I really don't want to see either win... But it's happening and I've accepted it.

Still, we need something to look forward to right? Something to enjoy today! For me, it's going to be food. I'm having a small gathering at my place, the girlfriend is doing the cooking (and she's awesome at it) and I think we're going big. Chicken wing cupcake big.

Yes, it's real.

If you're hosting your own Super Bowl party, there's a pretty good chance that you're serving both chicken wings and cupcakes already. After all, both are pretty much big game party staples. You can eat them with your hands, they can be made ahead of time, everyone likes them... they've got pretty much everything you look for.

But, have you ever thought of combining them? Coccadotts Cake Shop in Albany, NY did and has been struggling to keep up with demand ever since its introduction. But for those that can't get to Albany, making one yourself is actually pretty easy.

Despite the look, this isn't a dessert. It's a simple cornbread muffin which is topped with a hot sauce & blue cheese frosting. If you can make, or buy, a cornbread cupcake, you're pretty much 75% of the way there. After you've got the cupcake made, simply the set the wing on top and serve.

The inventor even has an eating instruction. You eat the wing first, using the frosting as a dipping sauce, and finish by eating the cupcake itself. It's brilliant and it is sure to have your party guests talking.

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