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Super Bowl XLVI Prediction Time

The day we've all dreaded is here, either the Patriots or Giants will be Super Bowl champs by the day's end. So it's time put your final prediction in writing.

Personally, I was having a tough time with this one. At this point, these teams look fairly evenly matched even though the Pats are three points favorites. So I figured that maybe I'd let the Accuscore simulator help in my prediction. It's projected scores?

Patriots 21.7, Giants 21.3

So yeah, no help from Accuscore. So I checked out the historical against the spread trends. They all favor the Giants to cover. So Giants right? Not so fast... I also checked out ESPN "win odds predictions" that uses three different mathematical models to predict winners. All three predict a Pats win.

So the "objective" predictors are basically split, which means this really is a gut pick. So vote in the poll, but give us your reasoning in the comments.

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