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Brian Baldinger, Keith Byars Among Nine Eagles To Sue NFL In Philadelphia

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Philadelphia appears to be the battle ground for the now several suits on behalf of 50 former NFL players who are suing the NFL over their treatment and handling of concussions over the years. The latest suit includes 9 former Eagles including Keith Byars, Brian Baldinger, Mike Schad, Mike Pitts, Britt Hager, Dan Stubbs, Ron Porter, Brad Quast & Doug Skene.

The suit charges that the NFL and other defendants intentionally and fraudulently misrepresented and/or concealed medical evidence about the short and long-term risks regarding repetitive traumatic brain injury and concussions and failed to warn players that they risked permanent brain damage if they returned to play too soon after sustaining a concussion.

This is certainly a confusing issue in that it's the players themselves who are responsible for inflicting these injuries, but it it certainly the NFL's responsibility to protect them as best they can in what is obviously an inherently violent workplace.

It's also tough because there's so much more science and knowledge on the subject of concussions than there was then. But if the suit finds that the NFL knew enough and ignored the evidence... obviously that's a problem.

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