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The Linc - Super Bowl, 18 Game Schedule & Safety Talk

SB Scouting Report: Who will hoist Lombardi?
Ray Didinger examines every facet of Sunday's big game, plus gives his prediction of who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLVI.

Why Eagles Fans Should Root for the Patriots, and (Almost) Enjoy It
In case watching a rival go down in flames isn't quite motivation enough, here are a few reasons you might get a modicum of enjoyment from a Patriots victory over the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI.

18-game schedule might not be so far-fetched after all
You don't need to be a doctor or even play one on TV to deduce that expanding the NFL regular season from 16 to 18 games would increase the wear and tear on players' bodies, increase the risk of injury, and shorten careers. By the same token, you also don't need an MBA from Wharton to understand that adding two more regular-season games would mean a whole lot more revenue for the league, and, in turn, a whole lot more revenue for the players.

A game plan for Andy Reid -
Whether he can extend his career beyond 2013, when his contract expires, remains to be seen. Still, Reid could learn a few lessons from two legendary coaches, Connie Mack and Joe Paterno.

Give 'em Time
When you invest resources into players, you need to give them a chance to pan out. This is a terrible Safety class in the draft. Terrible. I think Mark Barron is the only guy I’d have serious interest in adding, but I don’t think that would be smart because of the investment we’ve already got there. I think there will be some mid to late round guys of interest that you could add to the mix, but no one I would expect to challenge the current group in 2012.

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