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I Really Don't Care About The Super Bowl This Year

Maybe it was the bad season for the Eagles, maybe its because the Giants and Patriots are in the game again... but I really don't care about the Super Bowl this year. I don't even know that I realized how little I cared until today. I haven't watched even one bit of TV coverage of the event, I haven't really read anything... and it's Friday.

Its not even like I've been purposefully avoiding it either. I just don't care. I figured that as it got closer, I would start to look forward to it and get into the game... but it never happened. I don't care about the commercials, the halftime show (although I've never cared about the halftime show)...

And to be honest, I don't even want to watch the game. I feel like I will because, you know, it's the Super Bowl... But I really have no specific plans and frankly, the idea of sitting through the whole affair is something I dread. I just want the game and this season to get over with as soon as possible.

So what is your level of interest in this game? Are you looking forward to it? Will you even watch?

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