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The Linc - Nate Allen Ready To Break Out

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Eagles Seek Safety Solution |
Nate Allen’s performances late in the season can give Eagles fans hope going into 2012. Following that New England debacle, he graded positively in each of the last five games, amassing a grade of +7.2 in that span. Overall, he finished at +3.8, good enough for 15th in the league last year. He looks ready to break out if he can remain fully healthy in 2012.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " WRs Looking Good
I anticipate the Eagles adding at least one WR in the upcoming draft. Might be a big guy. Might be a fast guy. That depends on how the DeSean Jackson / FA situation plays out. No matter which way the Eagles decide to go, there will be good targets.

It Is What It Is " Why Luke Kuechly won’t fall far in the NFL draft
Boston College inside linebacker Luke Kuechly was asked 20 questions by reporters Sunday, not counting how to pronounce his name and how tall he was. Four of those questions were about Philadelphia, and how it seemed he was destined to be selected by the Eagles in the first round of April’s draft.

Temple's Pierce: 'Time for me to become a man'
Temple's Bernard Pierce is expecting his first child in July, and that helped the running back make his decision to enter the NFL draft.

Mayock: 'Apologies' Get Varying Grades
As Mayock noted, the prospects have all been coached to say the right thing to teams interviewing them - they talk about having grown up. But he went on to say, the nub of the issue is how much you "buy into" their explanations and apologies.

Vivian Green Opens Up On The Philadelphia Eagles Disappointing Season: Love Of The Game
In our weekly "Love Of The Game" series, HuffPost Black Voices talks sports with a person of note. This week we caught up with R&B vocalist Vivian Green, who shared her thoughts on the Philadelphia Eagles disappointing season.

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