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Teams Can Use The Franchise Tag Starting Today

Today was the first of a nearly two week period in which NFL teams can use the franchise tag on free agents to be. The deadline to tag a player is March 5th, so there's certainly no rush, which is why no one got the tag today. Teams will head to the combine this week, where pretty much every agent in the NFL will be as well. So there will without a doubt be lots of negotiating going on in Indy.

If teams aren't close after that, you'll probably start seeing tags applied afterward. For the Eagles, the only candidate is DeSean Jackson, who when we last checked was looking for "Larry Fitzgerald" money that would pay him upwards of $10 million a year. If he's tagged, he'll actually get close to that, but just for this one year.

With guys like Stevie Johnson, Marques Colston, Vincent Jackson & Wes Welker all due to hit free agency, the Eagles would really only need one or two to get an extension this week to at least have a basis to work off for Jackson's deal. If they can't though, expect him to get the tag before the March 5th deadline.

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