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Eagles Add UGA Strength Coach

No word on whether Gray also trained the Bulldog's cheerleading team...
No word on whether Gray also trained the Bulldog's cheerleading team...

The Eagles have reportedly added Keith Gray, who has spent the last 13 years with the University of Georgia Bulldogs, to their strength and conditioning staff.

"The guy called me on Friday and wanted to know if I was interested in the position," Gray said Tuesday evening. "He said he wanted me up there but he needed to talk to the GM and the head coach first. He called me back on Monday and formally offered me the job."

"The guy" he refers to I assume is Eagles head strength coach Barry Rubin. Gray says that he hopes this job with the Eagles gives him the opportunity to be a head strength coach one day.

"My ultimate goal is to be a head strength coach and those opportunities are so rare," Gray said. "I love college football, so I never really considered going to the NFL. But after talking to Barry and seeing their facility and talking to some other guys, I started thinking it might not be a bad thing. Having been at Georgia for so long, maybe a different opportunity will help get me closer to my goal."

So, a new assistant strength coach and a new secondary coach in one season? SWEEPING CHANGE!

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